Beauty, authenticity and hard work. 

That's what we are all about at J&G.

My name is Adam Boozer, founder of Jewell & Ginnie, a title inspired by my grandmothers' names. 

They taught me how to drink sweet tea, catch fireflies and value hard work.

Today I work hard, drink too much sweet tea and I pretend that every story we capture at J&G is as memorable as running barefoot on a hot southern summer night catching fireflies in a mason jar with my grandma.

For us, it’s all about story.  

This idea of 'story first' guides all of our work and makes J&G different from what you might think of as simply a production company.

We aren’t the guys you throw your storyboards and script at for us to go execute. We’ve been there done that. Our focus is on capturing the essence of what makes something memorable and then translating that feeling into a compelling film.

In all of our work we are typically involved from the initial creative all the way through to post production and delivery. We are strong collaborators and want to help our clients leverage our expertise. We want to own a project and invest all of our energy and passion into it to make it great.

Don't get us wrong, we kick ass at execution too, it's just with a purpose.