Authentic stories yield authentic results.

There is a big difference between telling someone your story and selling them on your story. The power of authenticity to clearly and effectively communicate your brand’s message is undeniable. In our documentary style work with brands, we are able to capture the true essence of what makes each story unique. We then communicate that story in an entertaining and compelling manner, all within the needs of a specific marketing objective.


From herding Buffalo in South Dakota to going behind the scenes on a Victora’s Secret Commercial in New York and almost everywhere in between, we have traveled all over the U.S. documenting the stories of proud and successful Verizon Wireless Small Business customers. 

In producing over a dozen of these documentary shorts we have had the opportunity to effectively tell the story of how Verizon is a critical part of the success of each business. In each piece we hear from the business owners themselves as they give us an inside look at their operation while honestly and authentically sharing how Verizon’s products and services have helped them out along the way. 


These six piece are a few of our favorites.


On assignment for the FedEX magazine “Access” J&G traveled to Fort Collins, CO to capture the story of technology accessory company Otterbox.

FedEX CEO Fred Smith loved this piece so much that he played it for global business leaders at the G20 Summit in Mexico.

Otterbox's ability to develop compelling products and maintain unbelievable global growth, while giving back to their community and keeping a honest and fun Otter culture was impressive to say the least.



Legally blind workers making airplane parts for Boeing....just watch.

J&G developed a series of documentary style customer testimonials for us that truly helped establish our brand … and made our customers feel special.
— Julie Murphy, Okuma

Our branded documentary shorts for Okuma have taken us all over the U.S. and Canada capturing the stories of incredibly hard working and smart machine tool manufacturing businesses who are true brand evangelists for Okuma.

From small mom-and-pop shops to large-scale robotic manufacturing facilities, we have been inspired by the authentic stories that each business owner has shared.