Maybe we should call them edu-mercials.

Maintaining the balance between educating the consumer on a product's functionality or benefit and entertaining them can be tough. In our product work we like to find the core elements of the story and weave them together in a way that entertains viewers without them realizing that they're being educated.

"The Future"

Produced to impress senior executives at AT&T, this piece gives a glimpse of the not so distant future as it relates to multi-platform entertainment. This video was shot over two days in 5k on the RED Epic and featured numerous effects shots. 


Pantech said " Hey, our new tablet is waterproof." We said " Cool! Let's put it in a bunch of wet situations and shoot it all at 1000 frames per second!" Cue water balloons.


"Book Book"

With over 300k views on YouTube, tons of media attention and even a nod as one of Oprah's favorite things, the BookBook has been quite a sensation. We created this piece for our friends at 12 South to give viewers a fun look at the product in action, within the context of a day in the life lifestyle piece.


"Exposed For All To See"

The brief asked us to tell the story of someone who dared to bare all. We decided to tell the story of several people who bared their souls, all through the eye of a fictitious photographer.


"Max 100"

Please don't ask us to make a kickstarter video for you. This piece for friend and illustrator genius Matt Stevens was our only exception. We love his work and love the book. 

"PGA Pro Matt Jones"

We could shoot PGA Pro Matt Jone's perfect golf swing all day. This piece tells the story of how Matt decided to try out PURE GRIPS on his clubs.