A Perfect Pairing

We’ve been happily collaborating with close friend and uber tall photographer Sully Sullivan for years, criss-crossing highways and skyways for numerous Jewell & Ginnie projects. That collaboration has recently led to some pretty amazing work where both still and moving images shared equal storytelling weight and are captured side-by-side.

We are so thrilled to share our two most recent projects:

Memorex’s 2015 brand campaign

see the work here

Memorex came to us hoping to rev up their brand and get their newest products in front of a younger audience. We shot and delivered in 4k resolution and created their core branding images (currently displayed on their website), which recently premiered at CES in Las Vegas. 

Garden & Gun Magazine and Kentucky Tourism 

see the work here

We recently took a road trip to Kentucky to shoot the first in a three-part series for Garden & Gun Magazine and Kentucky Tourism. Our first stop introduced us to cellist and Kentucky native Ben Sollee. We shot and delivered the print ad, a mini-documentary film and some Instagram video shorts–and had a great time doing it.


To give these motion and photo collaborations a home we created LawtonMiles. Drawing on the middle names of Adam Boozer and Sully Sullivan, LawtonMiles represents a unique pairing of our complementary talents, telling stories in authentic ways, like life, unscripted. 

We’ll always be here at Jewell & Ginnie, but we hope you’ll stop in at LawtonMiles.com from time to time to see what’s new. 

How do you make magic happen twice?

Cheryl & Griff Day from Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah, Ga. seem to have the perfect recipe. Three years ago, we were lucky enough to meet the Days while shooting a trailer for their first cookbook (The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook, Artisan), which quickly became a New York Times best seller. So, we were super excited when publisher Artisan Books called us recently to make another trailer for the baking duo’s latest book, Back in the Day Bakery Made With Love. After the response to the first book, we can’t wait to see where this next one takes them!

Check out the new trailer!!!!


We were honored when Grace Bonney of DesignSponge said our first book trailer made her cry, and can only hope our latest video sparks another heartfelt response. This project is a perfect example of our firm belief in working hard and having fun. (See a little of our fun below.) If it’s not fun, we must be doing something wrong. 

Behind The Scenes On The Bayou

J&G and Yonder Blue getting the shot

J&G and Yonder Blue getting the shot

Sunrise at Grosse Savanne Eco-Tours Louisiana

Sunrise at Grosse Savanne Eco-Tours Louisiana

We recently spent in a week in beautiful Southwest Louisiana on assignment for the Lake Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau. 

Among the many experiences we were able to capture, probably our most unique was shooting boat to boat at sunrise with our multi-rotor friends and experts at Yonder Blue Films.  

The video above is a quick behind the scenes edit showing us at work among the beauty of the Grosse Savannane Eco Tour bayou.

Look for our full film about Lake Charles soon!

Below is a quick sample of one of the unbelievable shots we were able to capture on that magic morning.

We love collaborating with Yonder Blue and are so thankful for their expertise!

Thanks to Tim Tewell for the behind the scenes footage.

J&G in 3d

3d Systems Headquarters in Rock Hill, SC

3d Systems Headquarters in Rock Hill, SC

This week the J&G team had the opportunity to collaborate with a production company from Saudi Arabia on a documentary about 3d printing. The shoot took us to Rock Hill, SC and 3d Systems. Chuck Hull, the founder of 3d Systems invented 3d printing back in the 1980’s and wow how things have evolved!

Variety of 3d printed objects

Variety of 3d printed objects

During the shoot we were able to capture 3d printing solutions across numerous materials for several different industries. From the most simple small plastic shaped to incredibly complex and heavy weight metal objects, the possibilities with 3d printing are quite mind blowing. They can even print chocolates and sugar based objects!

We can’t wait to see the finished Saudi Arabian documentary!

J&G on the Red Carpet

Adam Boozer and Tim Tewell on the red carpet

Adam Boozer and Tim Tewell on the red carpet

Filmmakers Adam Boozer and Tim Tewell have just returned from 15th annual Newport Beach Film Festival in California, where the J&G film WITH A KITE was screened as an official selection.

The festival is ranked by many as one of the top festivals in the US. J&G was honored to have their film selected and jumped at the chance to travel to west coast to take part in the event. 

In addition to meeting numerous great people in the industry and enjoying some incredible parties, we managed to see several inspiring films. Check out a few our favs below


Queen Mimi

A touching story of an elderly homeless woman who lived in a laundromat in Santa Monica. Zach Galifianakis befriends Mimi and ends up getting her an apartment, but the story is much more than that. The best part was that Mimi was in attendance!



A Year In Champagne

This film was a master class in documentary filmmaking. The structure and pace of the film mimicked the process of making champagne. Patient and beautiful. We had the opportunity to meet the director David Kennard who has created over 100 documentaries.


Obvious Child

A hilarious romantic comedy starring and based on the comedy of Jenny Slate. The film premiered at Sundance and will no doubt have a successful major release. 



We had no idea what we were getting into with this one! This amazing documentary tells the story of pro female MMA fighter Glena Avila. Her determination to turn pro and overcome numerous obstacles in her life was inspirational to say the least. Both the director and Glena were in attendance at the screening which was very cool! 

The Story of Necker Island

This morning Sir Richard Branson released a very touching and beautiful look at the history of Necker Island, his private escape in the British Virgin Islands.

Richard is a such an inspirational and giving person and this story really gives us insight into the things he values most, family and home. We are thankful that someone so successful is willing to share such a personal look at private matters.

J&G was unbelievably fortunate to collaborate with Richard on the opening sequence of our feature length documentary WITH A KITE.

I’m delighted to be involved in [the] groundbreaking documentary, ‘With A Kite,’ narrating the inside look into my favorite sport. It’s a stunning piece of film.
— Sir Richard Branson

We need more Richard Branson's in the world!

Thanks Again Richard

Back for seconds

Recently we were very excited to see some behind the scenes photos of our friends Cheryl and Griff at Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah, GA hard at work on their new cookbook. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

photo from http://instagram.com/cherylday

photo from http://instagram.com/cherylday

photo from http://instagram.com/backinthedaybakery

photo from http://instagram.com/backinthedaybakery

J&G had the honor of collaborating with Artisan Books on the creation of a little video trailer of their first cookbook, which was a huge success. We had so much fun working on the trailer and just love how Cherly and Griff’s personalities and passion for baking truly shine in the piece.

We received tons of feedback on this piece when it first launched, but our favorite comment by far was from Grace at Design Sponge

the back in the day bakery book trailer made me cry...feel the love
— Grace Bonney | Design Sponge

We wish Cheryl and Griff tremendous success on their next book!

Check out some other work in our food portfolio for brands like Boar’s Head and Le Creuset.


J&G wins Best Locally Produced Video by Charleston City Paper

Elise Testone

Elise Testone

You like us, you really like us!  A big THANK YOU to the readers of Charleston City Paper for voting our third video for the Charleston CVB as the Best Locally Produced Video. We had so much fun dancing and singing around town with former American Idol and local rock star Elise Testone to celebrate Charleston’s third consecutive year as the No. 1 U.S. City as voted by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler.

We were also tickled pink to read what the folks at Conde Nast had to say:

And while there are clearly many reasons to love this southern city, these are our favorites: (1) It’s home to “insanely nice” human beings, (2) It’s purdy, and (3) They make the best videos ever.
— Condé Nast Traveler

The project was a collaboration with our friends at HOOK and the brilliant Brady Waggoner who wrote and recorded the original song for the piece. Partnering with the Charleston CVB and HOOK has been a blast and we look forward to more fun in the future!

With A Kite becomes official selection for the Newport Beach Film Festival

We are beyond excited that J&G’s first feature-length documentary, With A Kite, has been officially accepted into the 2014 Newport Beach Film Festival! We’ll be heading out to Cali in plenty of time to hobnob with the madding crowd before catching our screening at noon on Sunday, April 27 at the Starlight Triangle Square Cinema in Costa Mesa. Check out the festival here and stay tuned for lots of red carpet photos.