The Story of Necker Island

This morning Sir Richard Branson released a very touching and beautiful look at the history of Necker Island, his private escape in the British Virgin Islands.

Richard is a such an inspirational and giving person and this story really gives us insight into the things he values most, family and home. We are thankful that someone so successful is willing to share such a personal look at private matters.

J&G was unbelievably fortunate to collaborate with Richard on the opening sequence of our feature length documentary WITH A KITE.

Iโ€™m delighted to be involved in [the] groundbreaking documentary, โ€˜With A Kite,โ€™ narrating the inside look into my favorite sport. Itโ€™s a stunning piece of film.
— Sir Richard Branson

We need more Richard Branson's in the world!

Thanks Again Richard