Sometimes you just gotta do it yourself.

Having just completed our first feature length documentary, we have to say that we are simultaneously exhausted and starving for more! The grueling process of self-funding, producing and marketing an 80-minute film over two years has been insanely educational and humbling to say the least. The rewards however of seeing a packed theater cheer, laugh and cry at just the right moments in the film make all the hard work so worth it. Original stories are at the core of our passion and we don't plan to stop here.


WITH A KITE - Feature Length Documentary

Groundbreaking documentary, WITH A KITE, takes an inside look at the growing sport of kiteboarding through the lives and lifestyles of a group of core pro riders against the backdrop of one of the sport’s most respected competitions, the Triple-S Invitational.

Shot on location in Cape Hatteras, N.C., Hood River, Ore., Nitro City, Panama, Tampa, Fla., and Charleston, S.C., the film opens with a narration by Sir Richard Branson as the history of human flight via kite unfolds through custom watercolor cell animation. “With a Kite” then follows pro kiteboarder Davey Blair and some of the world’s best riders as they make their annual pilgrimage to the Triple-S Invitational in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, the cradle of human flight. 

I’m delighted to be involved in [the] groundbreaking documentary, ‘With A Kite,’ narrating the inside look into my favorite sport. It’s a stunning piece of film.
— Sir Richard Branson

Started in 2006, Triple-S” stands for surf, slicks and sliders, where riders compete on strapless surfboards in the surf, wake-style boards in open water freestyle on the “slicks,” and over obstacles like sliders, rails and kickers.

Filmmakers Adam Boozer and Tim Tewell self-funded the project, traveling to numerous locations over the past two years to interview riders at the Triple-S and other events, and get insight into their lives as well as the growth of the sport.

The film was shot entirely on state of the art equipment, including the RED EPIC camera at 5k resolution and the Phantom Miro Digital High Speed camera, which captures 1000 frames per second for incredibly detailed slow-motion shots.

RUNNING BY SIGHT - Documentary Short


Documentary short Running by Sight follows painter and photographer Tim Hussey through a year of inspiration and production. J&G captures the spirit and struggles of a contemporary artist living in the Southeast, while recounting past experiences that brought Hussey to gain national recognition. Featuring interviews with Shepard Fairey,  Running by Sight documents the developing body of work and elements of influence that have shaped Hussey’s career.



The moment filmmaker Adam Boozer first walked into Reeves & Son Shoe Repair he was immediately transported to his childhood. The heat, the smells, the stacks of odd items, the raw light bulbs, the newspaper clippings, the numerous box fans and the seemingly hundreds of potted plants reminded him of the many summer days he spent with his grandmother Ginnie (or Nanny as they called her) in Georgia…and then he met Doris.

Doris Dixon is the quiet yet firm owner of Reeves & Son. Since her husband’s passing in 1977, she has been tending the shop and repairing shoes with her son. Adam was first introduced to her shop when he went in with a friend to get his shoes repaired. He had no idea what he was about to experience. Doris, with her soft yet authoritative tone, placed within a shop that looks as though it has been frozen in time, made him emotionally and creatively charged. He immediately set to work on how he could capture this sprit as a filmmaker.

Jump cut almost two years forward in time, after several visits to Doris, and you finally can view the work above. Doris sent Adam away many times as she said “ let me think about it ” when he asked her if he could come into the shop and shoot. Her distrust of Adam, balanced with what was clearly her enjoyment of making him squirm, created an awesome challenge. The visuals and sounds of her shop were constantly swirling around in his mind.

Little did Doris know that Adam had a secret weapon. His friend Tim Hussey had a studio space next door to Doris for a few years and had befriended her over time. With the help of Tim and a few more visits, Doris finally agreed to let Adam shoot… but only for a few hours.

The film is the first in a series of projects we hope to create across multiple subjects. It is meant to offer a glimpse into the life of a wonderful woman and give you an opportunity to experience what Adam first felt when he walked into Ms. Dixon’s shop.