Wish you were here!

At J&G we have developed a sort of speciality in crafting authentic, beautiful and memorable content for luxury real estate and tourism clients. It’s not a bad gig if you can get it. We love having the opportunity to capture stunning visuals from both the air and the ground and then weaving those together with passionate stories that immerse the viewer in a true sense of place.

southwest louisiana

“Working with Adam and his team was completely seamless from concept to completion.Immediately, after the first call, I knew that Adam was a visionary and pioneering artist who would get to the heart of the story that needed to be told of Southwest Louisiana. A destination promotional video has to bring out the emotion, smells, feelings, spirit of the people – those things that video cannot literally capture – need to somehow resonate with the viewer. Adam is gifted to be able to see what needs to be brought out and how to do it. We felt comfortable giving him free artistic reign to tell our story, and the results are smiles all around!
— Angie Manning, communications director of the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau.


We are incredibly lucky to have a long relationship with the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau in our adopted home town of Charleston, SC.

Over the years we have shot aerials, short form documentary and commercial work for our friends at the CVB and are proud to be a part of celebrating our three year run as top city in the U.S. as voted by Condé Nast Traveler.

And while there are clearly many reasons to love this southern city, these are our favorites: (1) It’s home to “insanely nice” human beings, (2) It’s purdy, and (3) They make the best videos ever.
— Condé Nast Traveler
We needed someone to do justice to the stories of Charleston. J&G shot and culled hours of conversation, interviews and footage into pieces that inspire our visitors. We know this because they call to tell us every day.
— Louise Ballard, Director of Marketing, Charleston CVB


For the launch of this stunning new project on Kiawah Island, we did audio interviews with buyers on the island and then brought their stories to life with unique visuals. This is not your ordinary real estate video.


Hidden away on a magical piece of land on the Georgia coast, Cabin Bluff is easily one the most private and beautiful places we have ever shot. We were tasked with creating an overview of the complete offering at Cabin Bluff. Everything from inshore and offshore fishing to sport shooting and golf is available to a visitor here. Cruising past the wild horses on nearby Cumberland Island is just icing on the cake.


CHSK is on its way to becoming the premier development in the Caribbean. Located on the hidden gem of St Kitts, this place is somewhat difficult to express in words alone. J&G has been fortunate to document this 25-year development project with video almost since its inception. Our ongoing relationship with Christophe Harbour has taken us to the island many times to produce work ranging from short form documentary to aerials.


We love working with smart passionate people. It was such a pleasure to tell the story of the team behind this unique neighborhood on Kiawah Island and share their authentic passion for preserving the environment in an elegant and effective way.